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I hope that my approaches to managing my OCD and Anxiety and some stories of real-life people doing the same

will help give you hope and resources to use for yourself. Let’s glow.


running shoes and weight

I will update this page with weekly workout cards! Let’s keep those endorphins working for us!

Art and Cartoons

Vintage style collage

Painting and collaging are especially good outlets, personally. You can view for inspiration, and tutorial videos are coming soon!


propagated plant and bronze bust statue

Plant propagation is such a hopeful activity. Click here if you would like to find out how, and to get some inspiration!

Blog Posts

DIY Natural Cranberry Dye
I love grocery shopping around the holidays (even virtually, for COVID safety) …
Gratitude Journal Week: Tradition
Traditions… are certainly worth taking a second look at. Some of them …
Gratitude Journal Week: Mantras
Create a special page to highlight the mantras you love. Since they …
Gratitude Journal Week: “10 Things I Love About Myself” Prompt
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Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

Your author is an OCD activist with anxiety and intermittent depressive episodes. She has the kind that usually copes with humor. She’s an artist, a rower, a joyful parent, and a dishwasher-avoider.

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