Fall Morning Meditation

This morning is gorgeous here, I hope it’s the same where you are! One thing that helps get me ready for the day in the morning is to reset my breathing through a kind of meditation. About a year ago, “meditation” seemed so difficult: something that only trained Shaolin monks could master–but once I figured out that it’s not about mAsTeRy, it’s literally just about taking deep breaths and being non-judgmental to myself, I felt far more confident to get started.

I am sure that this is not any type of “official” meditation style, but it truly does help me reset my nervous system. (I am someone who consistently has nightmares, and I often wake up mid fight-or-flight.)

There are two main ways I meditate currently. The first is a guided meditation using an app. My favorite so far is Buddhify. The guides are so gentle and kind, it feels very friendly, and I love their voices. Their style of gratefulness and giving-centered meditation really hits home for me, since a lot of my OCD thoughts are on a repetitive guilt-cycle.

The other way I meditate is by just using a calming song and breathing in counting to 5 and breathing out counting to the same. Some songs that I have been vibing with lately are My Wish by Rascal Flatts, You Say by Jackson Yi (Mandarin), and Sweet Night (Instrumental Version) by V of BTS.

What ways of meditating have worked for you?? 😀

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