5 Advantages of Saturday

mug of coffee and cozy blanket

5. Saturday has the best brunch options. At the risk of sounding incredibly basic–who doesn’t love an actual breakfast instead of shoving a pop-tart into your mouth, dropping enough crumbs down your shirt to plague you for the rest of the day, yet still ending up hungry when you arrive at your place of work–or “quaran-work.”

4. Saturday allows for people to be around more easily. I am constantly switching between the dueling personalities of a hibernating field mole and a social butterfly, but Saturdays (and Sunday afternoons) are the best days, I find, for the richest interactions with my family and close friends. Giving one another enough time to actually articulate a full thought is probably what gets me through the rest of the week, during which we are sheepishly peeking around the rim of our iPhones, only half-listening.

3. My favorite mug is always clean on Saturday. Maybe it’s my husband, maybe it is the mystery and the genius of the dishwasher, but my favorite green mug is somehow ALWAYS clean on Saturday, and it starts my day off with +5 energy points every time I use it. 😉

2. On Saturdays I have enough time to read. I got a new book delivered today and I CANNOT WAIT TO START IT. Yes. Saturday.

  1. Saturday leads into Sunday. Another full day with family, or friends, or the good company of yourself, and hopefully fewer stressors than the week piles on. Cheers to you on this Saturday. <3


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