After the Holiday: What now?

*A huge sigh of relief* Moon Festival is done.

The lanterns are all still hanging inside, looking like bright, Florida oranges. It was raining too hard last night for us to hang them out in our front tree, or for Nini to parade outside with her special lantern.

I woke up to three pieces of moon-cake still laying uneaten on the coffee table and had the usual post-holiday feeling–that feeling that Taylor Swift wrote a whole song for on her Reputation album: what now?

Here’s what…

Self-care now.

For me, and maybe for some of you, visiting with family is wonderful and also draining. It’s wholesome and also a little bit taxing. To be prepared, to have everything set, to be kind, and excited, and interesting. By the end of the holiday, I’m tired.

Usually–almost always– I am very happy and fulfilled for having seen the people I love. But being introverted makes me tired of even the best kinds of company sometimes.

So today, I will have a walk. I will try to focus on the little–the very small things–that make me happy. I’ll make a project out of it. Instead of a bubble bath and a splurge at the mall (which can certainly also be forms of self-care,) I would like to do something that maybe will give me some longer-lasting benefits?

Over the day, I’ve thought of soooo many small things to be happy for. The feel of the faux-velvet “Nikon” on my camera strap, for instance. Especially during a time that I have been experiencing a lot of dissociation, today’s activity proved pretty grounding.

full table setting for holiday

Reading back through this post, I feel it’s possible there’s a gRaTiTuDe JoUrNaL in my future.

What do you guys do to self-care after a holiday? Please write below in the comments section! I would love to hear! 🙂

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