In Defense of Inspirational Quotes

I have made some of these cards for myself and have them around the home office.

It might be just me, but I feel that I have seen so much hate directed toward inspirational quotes during my recent research into OCD and Anxiety therapies. I absolutely agree that inspirational quotes alone are not a treatment plan. I also think that it is possible to read something significant in an inspirational quote that helps you to reframe your thought process.

Especially now, with life moving so fast, it is rarer to be able to sit down and digest a full article or book–something that can inspire new thoughts or refresh creativity. But having a board on Pinterest, for example that has inspiring things can stand in for that when we have less time.

Giving up articles and books, etc. in favor of snippets of quotes on pretty paper completely would be a horrible shame, but I still think that inspirational quotes have their place.

I am feeling rebellious toward the quote-shaming fad, and I really think that having some well-placed personal inspiration around can still really brighten a day. <3

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