The Best Way to Make Arts and Crafts Work for You

clooage with vintage woman on phone
A Collage Inspired by the New Yorker Poem “Lipsticks”

When my mind is unable to settle on just one thing, and my thoughts spin out thinly like the threads of a full spiderweb, slinging themselves out in all directions, there are a few different things I like to do. Working out is a big one. However, lately I haven’t felt like I had the energy to put forth even to row for my usual time. So I keep it to neighborhood walks–which still don’t help me enough as far as a grounding activity.

Something else I like to do is collage. Collaging is wonderful, because the designs, the patterns, the lines, have all been made for you if you like. All you need to do is cut or tear the paper–a grounding activity in itself, and put them together to make something whole. While I work, I can think and reflect as much as I like. I can float in and out of the activity in my mind, as easily as floating from the shallow to the deeper end of the pool–it can be an imperceptible change.

collage for poem Lipsticks

This past week, I used poetry and floral patterns to create a few collages while I thought, and it enabled me to concentrate over a couple of hours. On days that I am struggling, a couple of hours to work things out is a great gift.

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