A Socially Distanced Bazaar

My Sweet Teeny Fall Bouquet!

Today, I was super pumped and super lucky to be invited to a bazaar at my friend’s B&B. It was a sweet, quirky, socially distanced gathering and the visit really warmed my heart during a week that has been a bit strenuous for the full country.

It still seems essential that we get out and be in the world when we are able. But it’s also crucial that we take care of our health. (So that we can stop the spread, and we can also avoid obsessing over contamination.) My suggestions for an OCD-friendly socially distanced outing are:

Come Prepared

Ooooof! So dreamy!

Today what worked for me at the bazaar was MASK (of course), and individually packaged alcohol wipes. (I feel like those are best for a trip like this where I will just buy a couple of little goodies, and be able to wipe them off individually, where hand sanitizer works less well for that.)

Plan Out Your Outing First

I knew how long I intended to stay, so I had everything prepared for that amount of time. In the time of Covid, it does seem like I have to plan ahead even more than usual, but the extra steps pay off when I feel less worried during my outing, and after. Then I can have an actual mental break while I’m visiting.

Soak It In

Alright, you have prepared for it…enjoy the moment. Revel in the sights and sounds around you: I got to touch soft vintage laces, and lounge in a glamping couch, and snuggle into a fluffy bouquet of autumn flowers.

Being outside of your normal space can give a nice recharge. Prepare for it, be safe. Then savor the experiences of the late fall. There are things to be enjoyed. <3

xoxo, Em

The chicken would love to join us in the cozy glamping tent

Also, this is noooot a paid advertisement, but I had just such a warm, cozy, nice afternoon in this glamping tent, that I would like to just share where it’s from. If you’re interested, check out: www.wildtribeco.com

It looks like they are just getting started, and I cannot say enough good things! <3

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