DIY Plant Hanger!

Have you ever been looking through Pinterest boards and seen so many crafts and DIYs that are incredible and also impossible, but you so WISH you could do them?! I have probably 12 of those boards. Crafts I won’t do.

This past week, I looked through some old pictures of craft ideas and adapted one to my own style. I committed to making this project. I WOULD DO A DIY! >:) Oh, yes. Much effort was put in, but it was mostly in the mental preparation to complete such a craft. The job itself, even though I think it looks quite nice, was no difficult task.

So here, for you now…the plant hanger DIY. May you complete this project in as high spirits as I did. 🙂

You will need:

a stick (about a yard stick in length)

Macramé hangers (mine are from Smithstock’s shop on Etsy–$29.99–comes with 5, so you will have 1 left over)

Pots (sturdy but light plastic is best–I used The ones from YoungEverLLC on Etsy, about $22–comes with 8, so you will have 4 left over)

The plants you would like to display!

Step 1: Find a good stick

There are sticks of this sort for purchase on Etsy and other places, but I found it not that much more work, and significantly more rewarding to find a stick from outside, bring it home, peel it, sand it, and oil it, and it took only about 30 min. The stick I found was about yard-stick length.

So if you choose to do this step, you will peel the bark off first. In some places, I needed to cut the bark back with a pocket knife. Then sand it down all over with any small piece of sand paper. (If you would like to leave it rougher textured, that could look cool, too!)

I also oiled the wood to keep it strong and not brittle–I just used what oil i had in the kitchen. I’m sure there is a “correct” way, that’s not this, but this worked fine for me.

When it was sanded and oiled, it looked like this.
Step 2: Pot the plants

I took special care with potting these plants; I wanted to get then adjusted right, because I knew once they were hanging, it would be way more difficult to adjust them. I put them into the pots. Then put them into the macramé hanger to be ready for hanging.

Step 3: Prepare the ceiling hooks

Then, using the hooks that came with the macramé hangers, I installed two in the ceiling. I put them about six inches apart, both facing the same direction. (Make sure to use the plastic things enclosed to help safely anchor your hooks into the ceiling! 🙂

Step 4: Make the handle

For the top hanger, I just used 3 pieces of string and made a braid and tied that on the one end of the stick. (In hindsight, I wish I had used 6 pieces of string to make it doubly strong. That’s a change I still might go back and make.)

You might need someone to help you to slide each of the macrame hangers onto the stick.

Tie your braided hanger string onto the other end of the stick.

It is ready to hang!!!

Step 5: Admire your work!

Yeah! You did it! A fresh new look for your apartment and a new cozy home for your baby plants! Go off! 😉

xoxo, Em

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