When and how to repot your plants!

Hey there, plant moms and dads! <3 I have gotten several questions on the Etsy store and the Insta about when to repot plants and how. I thought it might be best and most comprehensive to do a full post on here with pictures. 🙂

What you need:

House plant

New pot (If your pot does not have holes in the bottom, you will also want to get some lava rocks to help drain the soil.)

Potting soil

When to repot?

Often, it is thought that the best time to repot a plant is in the spring so that the new growth of the roots will have plenty of time to grow into the fresh new potting soil and the days are getting longer, bringing more sunlight.

But sometimes, plants have just outgrown their space, and need to be changed. You will know to repot your plant if it becomes top heavy, or if roots start growing out of the drainage holes at the bottom. (Also, if you ever see salt buildup on your pot, you should go ahead and repot, as well. I lost too plants by waiting too long to replant them in this situation. :/)

You can see that the plant I repotted today, pictured here, is top-heavy. It has simply grown too big for this pot and I needed a bigger one.

This plant is a rubber tree– similar to a succulent plant, so it prefers a drier type of soil. You will want to have the right kind of soil on hand for your plant. (I also did not water this little guy after repotting, waiting to let him drain up the moisture left over in the new soil.)

How to repot?

You will want to make sure that the type of soil you get is for a pot (potting mix) rather than for in-ground use. That type of soil can be too heavy and dry for indoor plants.

The pot you want is probably going to be just the “next size up.” Meaning, you’ll be looking for a pot that adds an additional 1-2 inches. If you add too much space at once, the roots can’t fully drain the soil quickly enough and the roots may be drowned. Plants like to be in a cozy little home. They don’t take as well to a sudden change to a huge pot.

Avoid that when possible.

It is a good idea to loosen the roots a little bit. (This is an especially good idea if it is an out-of-season change. Your plant might be root bound and need the roots to bee loosened a bit for better, fuller future growth!)

Put some soil into the bottom of the pot, and pack it slightly. Add the plant, with the freshly loosened roots. tap down some fresh new soil on top. If your plant requires (it likely does), water that sweet thing, and ENJOY! 🙂

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