A Guy’s Guide to Self-Care

Before I start– this does not have to be specifically gendered. (People of all genders can and should do these things to relax and focus on their mental well-being.)

But for this post, I would like to give a special invitation…

to guys to take a mental health break. The world is better when we are all allowed to feel and express our emotions in a natural way.

We can only do this when we are given some space to think and work through our emotions with clarity.

As the world enters into “Lockdown 2.0,” I would definitely encourage these same activities but with a virtual twist. Nothing is exactly as we want over zoom, but we can get many of the beneficial mental health experiences, even while social distancing.

Reach out to the guys in your life and tell them that it’s alright to practice self-care. They are not required to do bubble baths and sip tea (although they can!) but find an engaging, challenging, and enjoyable activity and make time for it. More than ever, now is a great time to focus on each other and our mental health! Let’s be instrumental in making a world where people of all genders can authentically share their feelings! 🙂

Click on the picture for the printable <3

Guys, what other forms of self-care do you practice and love?! Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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