DIY Orange Garland (Using Orange Garland Kit)

This fall, it seems like so many of us are feeling the ill effects of staying cooped up for 9 months–but we still have work to do. We still have to make it through this winter, while social distancing.

In light of that, I will be doing a small subsection for crafts, etc. that you can do over Zoom. These are things that might be nice to do with your grandmother, but through the computer, because her health is paramount. Or perhaps you have a traditional Christmas party, that will now be held online this year, and you are looking for a craft to all do together. Or a socially distant, holiday-themed bachelorette, etc. etc.

With a craft kit, such as this one, every member of the party would make the same craft over Zoom.

These orange garlands are so sweet, because they smell great and you can make them your own by adding finishing touches like the persimmon and cinnamon sticks however you would like!

In a kit, you want to have:

sliced and dried oranges (about 1-2 oranges per garland)*

string or twine

persimmon (or another similar dried fruit accent for finishing touch)

4 cinnamon sticks (another finishing touch)

*this can take about a day to make, due to the drying time.

(Not included, each participant will provide their own: nail or screw to make holes in the tops of the oranges.)

Ensure that each person has the directions for the craft. (You could hand write them on a card or print them from here.)

Tape the end of the string to make a “needle.” Make 2 holes in the top of each orange slice, right below the rind, using the nail or screw. Thread the taped string through each orange slice. Pull them evenly down the string until you reach the length you would like.

Finish the ends with the cinnamon sticks (I love to cross them), and persimmon! Hang and enjoy! 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing a pre-made kit, rather than making your own, they are available through my Etsy store!

What other ideas are you guys doing to stay socially distant, but connected this year?



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