4 Ideas to Keep the Holidays Low-Stress

Obviously, you will want to start with doing what you need to do to keep your family safe this year. Stay home and socially-distant when possible. Plan future in-person celebrations, and for right now gather through video chat.

I have already hosted a dinner party this way, so I can tell you that it can still be very fun! <3

It’s up to your preference whether you would all like to eat the same thing or not this year. I would suggest being more flexible about the menu, just for your own sanity and mental health.

After the basic safety things, that’s where I have some suggestions:

Be intentional

and focused on what surrounds you this year. If you feel stressed after spending a lengthy span of time with your family (even over zoom), balance that with some time with a friend who has nice, calming vibes.


to your favorite holiday-themed music. Anything that gives you good memories of other holidays, etc. Make a playlist of songs you are loving hearing this week!

Don’t shame

yourself (or others) for indulging if you want. It is a holiday. People are making delicious things as part of the celebration. Partake if you would like! When you feel full, be done. 🙂

Fill your home

(or your room, or your space) with good smells. Candles, oil, potpourri, your cooking– whatever you like. Smell activates memory, so enjoy remembering good times in the past through a scent than you love.

Most of all, enjoy this season as much as you can.

For better or worse, it’s the only Thanksgiving 202 we will get. <3

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