Gratitude Journal Week: “Top 5” Prompt

All of this week, I will be detailing a different Gratitude Journal Prompt. These prompts are available in the pre-made Gratitude Journals that I have on Etsy, or you can add them to your own journal! 😀

Especially when I am starting a journal, I like these kinds of open-ended versatile prompts.

“Top 5” is such a cool one, because you can tailor it to the vibe of the day. This morning was chilly. I was just sitting down with my coffee, for which I was feeling especially appreciative . I wanted to write about my “Top 5 Cozy Things”. Little tangible things that snuggie up my heart whenever I think about them.

This prompt could have gone any number of directions, though: Top 5 Meals. Top 5 Movies You’re Grateful Were Made. Top 5 Professions You Are Appreciative For.

Endless possibilities give you the freedom to really explore things you might not usually remember to be grateful for! I also really like to set this page apart by covering the previous page with washi tape. For me, it adds focus to the 5 things that I am appreciating.

Love this prompt! >:)

If you are interested in a Prompt-filled, handmade Gratitude Journal, you can check out our shop on Etsy.

Please share in the comments any ways that you were able to make this prompt your own! 😀

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