Gratitude Journal Week: “10 Things I Love About Myself” Prompt

This is an example of one of the popular self-reflection type prompts that often go into gratitude journaling.

The wonderful thing about this is you get to both: 1. Write your list, and 2. Look back at your list if you need a reminder about yourself. This type of self relfection and gratitude-for-self are both linked with raising self-esteem and positivity.

For this prompt, I like to think about some qualities that have gotten me through difficult times, not just the qualities that my friends compliment me on. I feel that the exercise can be richer if you really seek to think about some of those undervalued things in yourself that are pretty resilient and keep being there for you in times of stress.

And maybe there is a different way that you take this prompt and you would like to share! Please share in the comments any ways that you were able to make this prompt your own! 😀

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Here are some additional resources that I have personally enjoyed looking through about Gratitude Journaling and its ties to increased mental health:

Harvard Study:


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