Gratitude Journal Week: Mantras

Create a special page to highlight the mantras you love. Since they are short sayings you can repeat to yourself throughout the day, set them apart with a full page dedication.

Add something cozy and comfortable as a design or eye-catcher. This is something your mind can also come back to, without even looking at your book, when you say your mantras. 🙂

Write a mantra that you love, write it out in a color that you like, and take some time with it. When the words make you pause for a second, or warm your heart, it might be a sign that it’s a good mantra to choose!!

The one I chose here is from one of my favorite books: Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue.

There are certainly different ways to create and display mantras–I would love to hear in the comments about what has worked for you!

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