French Fashion

Fashion is one of my favorite parts of having immersed myself in the culture of France when I studied abroad. They have such an easy elegance, that is worn for everyday, and not even a boastful high-end label type feeling. It is just the way the clothes are paired, the textures, the ease of their movement. I think that clothes are very loved and respected in French culture, and it’s even visible when they’re being worn.




Let’s wear beautiful things.

Some of my favorite places to get these types of pieces:

the very lovely Madewell:

the swoon-worthy Anthropologie:

the Tan France staple, Faithfull the Brand:

And one of my favorite secrets about these pieces is you can get them from Poshmark or other online thriftshops for very reasonable prices–but also with the main benefit of saving the planet! Something I love to focus on is buying well-made pieces rather than fast-fashion, it’s just something that makes me feel good. If that works for you, too, that’s my pro-tip. ;P

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