daughter and father holding hands
Nini and her Baba holding hands <3

This page is dedicated to activities I am doing with my daughter, Nini. She has some hints of the anxieties and compulsions I had when I was young. To keep her personal thoughts her own, I won’t be sharing much of her journey with mental health, other than strategies I use with her (without giving too much explanation of the reasoning). I am sure if they would be beneficial to you and your family, you will recognize, and I am happy for you to use them!

Parenting is the coolest! Let’s help keep our tiny ones in the best shape possible to cope with the sLiNgS aNd aRrOwS of the world. (Tysm for letting me borrow, Shakespeare. <3 )

Nini’s Favorite Song Lately– The colors and the sets are sooo swoon-worthy! Your kids might like this end-of-summer-bop, too.

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