Propagation in Water Portfolio

Propagation in water has been an easy and fascinating hobby to start while cooped up at home.

It started off with an abundance of jars and a plant that was growing really long, and went from there. 😛

Propagation stations should be in well-lit areas of your house. As a reward, you get to see all the roots grow fully! It’s such a crazy process that I had never had experience with, since it usually happens well-hidden underground!

Definitely worth the watch!

Below, I have a full infographic which breaks down all the steps to start your own propagation station! 😀

Another way to do it is to buy clippings or small plants from online.

I buy some from online as well, when I see a new plant I am interested in trying my hand at!

If you are interested in some healthy, well cared-for plants, that are hand raised through propagation, I have some available on my Etsy shop, at: via Etsy

If you come from the blog, use this coupon code for 10% off:


Just look at these joyous, smol babies!

Tiny Baby Succulents Now Available! 🙂

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