Every week, I will update this page with a fresh new workout card. I hope to inspire you to move your body, breathe, and help keep your mind centered through these weekly exercise. Doctors also suggest there is a positive correlation between good balance and longevity, so I will keep balancing exercises and stretches as our primary warm up most weeks.

Please feel free to download these cards and use them wherever: home, park, gym… I have made them for our use! Let’s stay moving! >:)

Tuesday Pilates Workout Card
Tuesday Pilates Workout
Fall leaf workout card
Fall Leaf Workout

The Serene Workout
Reach For The Stars Workout Card
Reach for the Stars Workout
Tough Day Workout Card
Tough Day Workout

Missed-a-Day Workout

In the future, I also hope to expand into little videos, to help you master the moves. I am waiting on the equipment for that– just something for the future! 😉

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